Lace Up, Girl!

I’m Surprised I’m not Bald.

My parents recently went to the doctors for their physicals, and my dad found out that his cholesterol is too high. In fact, it’s almost 3 times what it’s suppose to be. My mom, being the great woman that she is, has thrown away all the unhealthy foods in her house and started him on brand new healthy foods. He’s not overly happy, but I sure am. It scares me that my dad’s cholesterol is so high. He was ordered to eat healthier and stop smoking immediately. So far he’s doing great from what my mom says. That makes me happy. It makes me think about my own eating habits. I haven’t been eating the greatest, and that needs to change again. Now that I’m not going to the gym I need to be more active otherwise I’ll gain back what I worked so hard to lose. I’ve been try to get out to walk Bella at night. So far that’s been going all right. Bella can be a handful to walk. Most nights I just end up frustrated and stressed out after walking her, which is the opposite of what I’d like. She’s been quite the tyrant recently. She really stresses me out. I would love to put her outside to enjoy the nice weather, but she can’t even be in the yard on her leash unsupervised. She’s constantly trying to get under or over the fence, or she’s whining at the dog two yards over. Even if I’m outside she won’t play with me. I throw her ball and she just runs after it and then leaves it where it lands to go whine at the fence. It’s horrible. I have things to do, and monitoring her every move is not one of them. It just doesn’t help when you’re already this stressed out, and you try to do things that don’t stress you out and it backfires. I feel bad for not walking her, but at the same time she drives me crazy when I do. I need some kind of happy medium.

Snacking on Dem Sunflower Seeds

So yummy! Mmmmm.

Goals, Life and Stress

Another week has gone by, giving me another opportunity to reflect on my fitness goals. I will probably not review this past week, as I did not meet my goals. I cant say it’s been a busy week because I did have the time to complete this round of goals, I just didn’t do it. I’ve had a lot on my mind recently. I’ve spent a lot of time stressing about work, and my job searching that my anxiety has started to negatively affect my life. I don’t have the desire to leave my house, or to do much of anything. I’ve been justifying it with fickle excuses. It doesn’t help that my gym membership expires soon either. As a result I’m going to take a break from goal setting and reflection. This doesn’t mean I’m giving up on a healthy lifestyle or no longer setting goals for myself. I will continue to make my life healthier in all aspects, I will just be stepping back from tumblr a little. I need to re-evaluate my situation, and really focus on my mental health at this point.

Monthly Measurements: April 5, 2014

I took my measurements this morning before going out. I haven’t been in the 120s since high school, it really is a shock.

Arms: 11 in
Bust: 34.25 in
Waist: 28.5 in
Stomach: 35 in
Thigh: 21.25 in
Loss/Gain: -1 inches

Weight: 127lbs
Loss/Gain: -1lbs

Thursday (AP/3) - Gym (Full Body) I swear I forget something every time I go to the gym after work. Forgot my iPod, and my towel this time. I skipped out on cardio post work out. Not sure if I regret it or not.

10 minutes Stationary Bike at 55-60 RPM

3x10 @ 45lbs Hamstring Curls
3x10 @ 130lbs Quad Press
3x10 @ 50lbs Calf Raises on Quad Press
3x10 @ 100lbs Hip Adductor
3x10 @ 90lbs Hip Abductor
10 Lunges(each side) with Bicep Curls @ 10lbs

3x10 @ 40lbs Lat Pulldown
3x10 @ 20lbs Tricep Pushdown
3x10 @ 35lbs Tricep Extension Machine

3x10 @ 12lbs Side Dips
10 Pelvic Lift (one leg raised)
2x10 Oblique Crunch with Ball